Mirtos, our friendly village by the Libyan Sea

where people still have time for you

A Heavenly Oasis

Mirtos is the warmest place of Europe, with an average of 320 sunny days a year

Only 600 Inhabitants

Who still have enough place for their holiday guests

Mirtos is never full

No mass tourism. Small and always hospitable!

welcome to our village

be our guest

sit down and relax

enjoy your stay

discover the area

Mirtos is like a big family

And we’d like you to be a member of it. Welcome to our friendly village, have a nice time and an enjoyable stay!

Aléxandros Pantelákis


Authentic and Very Welcoming

A village on the south coast of Crete. A rural village lived and worked in. Where children go to school and the elderly keep in touch with fellow villagers on their doorsteps. Mirtos is a community full of Cretan traditions and customs. In this way the village distinguishes itself from many other resorts. Mirtos was not specifically built for tourism. Mirtos was there long before. When tourism began in the eighties, people offered a room or an apartment. In this way Mirtos became known as a hospitable village. Today the village has different types of accommodation, from the very simple to the very luxurious and much in between. Plenty of restaurants and cafes in the village centre and the promenade have been added over the years, with attractive terraces overlooking the sea or the bustling streets of Mirtos. No hectic crowds, but real everyday life. And as the holiday season is over, the blinds do not go down with a sigh. No, not a ghost town in the winter. Because the lives of hard-working people continue. Farmers and gardeners can be found on their land almost every day. The olives must be harvested and pressed, tomatoes and cucumbers should be picked and traded. In the schoolyard children’s voices sound and in the two supermarkets purchases continue and a little chat is had. Sunday morning, the church bell rings to bring people together in one of the two churches. An ancient tradition within the Greek Orthodoxy, here too.
Mirtos is primarily an agricultural community, that likes to make way for the holidaymaker. Therefore many people from so many different countries like to come back. They feel a very warm welcome here.

Impressive Hinterland

Nature in the hinterlands attracts many. Lovers of hiking visit Mirtos in early and late season to discover Southern Crete’s impressive flora and fauna. Lovely mountain villages lie in the hills nearby, yonder are the imposing mountains. Flowers, herbs and orange trees blossom and the sounds of birds and crickets are everywhere.

Subtropical Climate

Of course it is not only the population, why people like to have their vacation here. The wonderful climate is also a reason. Mirtos lies on the Libyan sea, near Europe’s southernmost town, Ierapetra. Mirtos is even more southern than northern Morocco! The village is located in a coastal area, with a microclimate similar to a subtropical climate. This is due to the protective backdrop of the Dikti Mountains. In the mild winter nature gets its vital rain, but there are plenty of sunny days in between. The months of Summer are hot and dry. Mirtos has an average of 320 sunny days a year.

An Eye on The East

Mirtos lies on the eastern part of the large island of Crete. It is less well known than the North and the West of Crete. Which means that it is a tranquil place. Take a car or scooter and find out that there is a lot to see and discover.


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