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Raus aus der Kälte: Ein Winter in Mirtos

Es gibt wirklich Schöneres als den deutschen Winter. Mirtos hat die richtige Mischung fürs Überwintern.

Whatsapp Erotokritos?

Δελτίου Τύπου για το „Whatsapp Erotokritos?“ | Το τσίρκο CABUWAZI από το Βερολίνο έρχεται στο Μύρτο!

Orthodox Easter 2019

Easter is the most important of all orthodox festivals. On Saturday there is a mass..

Cleaning up Mirtos Beach

Mirtos Beach was cleaned up by more than a 100 volunteers.

Mirtos River Flows Again

After standing dry for almost three years, Mirtos River is finally flowing again.

Των φώτων 2019

Των φώτων 2019 | The celebration of the light, 6th of January 2019.

Mirtos in Winter mode

1 december 2018 – Mirtos is in Winter Mode. All tavernas are closed.

I Run Mirtos 2018

On July 22 2018, the third I Run Mirtos was run. Here’s the video clip by MirtosTV.