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Blogs θα εμφανίζονται μόνο στην πρωτότυπη γλώσσα

Whatsapp Erotokritos?

Δελτίου Τύπου για το „Whatsapp Erotokritos?“ | Το τσίρκο CABUWAZI από το Βερολίνο έρχεται στο Μύρτο!

Orthodox Easter 2019

Easter is the most important of all orthodox festivals. On Saturday there is a mass..

Cleaning up Mirtos Beach

Mirtos Beach was cleaned up by more than a 100 volunteers.

Mirtos River Flows Again

After standing dry for almost three years, Mirtos River is finally flowing again.

Των φώτων 2019

Των φώτων 2019 | The celebration of the light, 6th of January 2019.

Mirtos in Winter mode

1 december 2018 – Mirtos is in Winter Mode. All tavernas are closed.

I Run Mirtos 2018

On July 22 2018, the third I Run Mirtos was run. Here’s the video clip by MirtosTV.

2nd Mirtos MTB Challenge

On July 1st 2018, the second Mirtos MTB Challenge was held.


το ζευγάρι Τσέχων που πραγματοποίησε το γάμο τους στο Μύρτος

AED in Mirtos

This AED has been given present to the village by a dutch citizen.