Creative Action in Mirtos

par | Mar 11, 2017 | people | 0 commentaires

Mirtos has a few corners which need some refreshing. A group of talented and innovative young inhabitants took action and – however still not finished – it shows a happy result already. A boring staircase was turned into a colourful piece of art with flying swallows. These birds are seasonal visitors, like our holiday guests, and will appear again soon. There is still enough to do and the work will be continued in other parts of the village as well. We keep you up to date…

Thank you María, Vaggéli, Ilía, Máno, Melína, Micháli, Jolijn, Gideon, Giánni, Babar, Máno and Giórgo!

The young butcher Státhis took care of the physical well-being!