Winter in Mirtos – part 2

door | mrt 5, 2016 | natuur, snapshots


Winter on Crete and especially in the region of Mirtos cannot be compared with a winter in central or northern Europe. Also during the winter months there are plenty of days with sunshine and average temperatures on the south coast vary from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. One could say that spring in nature starts in the autumn months here.

What the rain does

After the first rain, little green shoots come out and turn the dry landscape into a green paradise. A few plants already start to flower. From December on the fields are covered with the yellow blossoms of Oxalis, a kind of clover. A little bit later anemones appear and almond trees start flowering.

Botanic heaven

March is the peak season for delicate kinds of orchids, iris and many, many other beauties. More than 2000 species can be found on Crete, approx. 200 of them are endemic. It is the time that botanists and other flower lovers walk in the country side to “hunt” with the camera.. So did I… despite the very dry weather which affects the growth and the flowering period I found some interesting plants.