Rent a Bike

Explore the surroundings of Mirtos on a decent mountainbike. As we have a limited amount of bikes, contact us to make a reservation.

Rent your bike here

The honourable Emilio will hand out your bike, adjust your saddle height and give you the necessary information. For our German guests a helmet is provided.
 0030 6932735224 / 0030 28420-51208


Driving to Tertsa and back is easy. There’s hardly any slope, and driving by the sea is a beautiful experience.


Driving up to Míthi will be a challenge, but gliding back to Mírtos is a breeze!


You can drive to Ierápetra in less than an hour. Mind the traffic though!

Bicycles in Crete

Crete is extremely mountainy and the roads are steep. Therefore, you won’t see many bicycles up in the mountains. Down here, in Mírtos, Ierápetra, Tértsa and along the coast, more and more people take the bike. We rent bicycles with 15, 18 and 21 gears and we look after the breaks. Going up the mountain can be a challenge, but going down is the dangerous part!

Pricing Table

Prices will be announced in April by the beginning of the season 2020